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Choice local people wedding like Hawaii
Various wedding ceremonies are held among the Hawaiian people at the tops of the seaside and the hill. Does a wedding ceremony under the sun seem to be Hawaii most?

At a wedding ceremony held on a solar bottom, an oceanfront and a lawn raining steadily brightly, it is a general wedding ceremony for Hawaiian country. While I am blessed in at home by family and friends, I promise love of the eternity. I become the wedding ceremony like Hawaii than anyone.

■Local people wedding
The following things are included in a local people wedding plan
  1. The wedding ground fee for use.
  2. Thanks to the clergyman.
  3. Thanks to a music player and the singer.
  4. Marriage contract.(There is not the legal effect)
  5. Flower arrangement bouquet and boot near.
  6. Tax
  7. Pickup


The dress pack local people wedding plan dated

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