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Selection of option of the Hawaii wedding
In Na pua Hawaii, I prepare for various option menus.
I cook up Hawaii wedding to win through up to a memory with the bridegroom bride. If there is an option desired, please talk willingly.

>> Wedding dress
Wedding dress complete set
(A headdress, a pannier, earrings, a necklace, gloves, a veil)
Long veil 4,400JPY~
Tiara 6,600JPY~
Shoes (Special size) 1,700JPY
>> Tuxedo
Tuxedo complete set
(A shirt, a cuff, a tie, kummerbund, a chief, a suspender, shoes, socks)
The tuxedo of the attendance. 17,000JPY~39,000JPY
>> A dress package
A wedding dress and a tuxedo complete set
(You can choose a dress and a tuxedo without an additional charge, and all additional charge does not occur. I do not have you use the blue lagoon chapel and community church.)
>> Hair make (A Japanese beautician)
A parenthesis is a price when there is the use of the dress.
The hotel of the Waikiki district 40,000JPY
The condominium of the Waikiki district 42,000JPY
Kahara mandarin Hotel 45,000JPY
Rehearsal make 25,000JPY
Make for attendance 18,000JPY
Kimono dressing 15,000円JPY
>> Wedding beauty treatment Details
A decollete course (55min) $55.00-
Collagen treatment (55min) $95.00-
A detox (55min) $110.00-
A wedding nail $10.00-
>> A flower shower I do not have you use the St Andrew's church.
A raw petal (For ten people) 15,000JPY
An additional petal (For six people) 5,000JPY
>> Dried flower
A freeze dry flower (Entering marriage certificate) 60,000JPY
A pressed flower bouquet (Entering marriage certificate) 55,000JPY
>> Regal wedding
It is mentioned in a Japanese family register with the marriage in U.S.A.
(I help with pickup to the State of Hawaii insurance bureau, an interpreter, a procedure)
>> A flower arrangement bouquet, a head bouquet
A bouquet, boot near Please refer
>> Video, DVD (An additional charge occurs partly at the church. Please refer to "video, DVD" page in detail)
DVD 93,000JPY
DVD with menu 105,000JPY
>> A digital album
Hight Deluxe
Deluxe 138,000JPY
Standard 118,000JPY
Economy 98,000JPY
>> Photo wedding
A dress, a tuxedo, a photograph, a negative film 120,000JPY
>> A party package
The restaurant of the seaside (A rate of one)
Child (To 12 years old) 8,000JPY
>> A pickup vehicle (St catalyna chapel takes additional charge 10,000JPY)
A limousine (6 people)
A van (14 people) 33,000JPY
A bus 98,000JPY

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