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Na pua Hawaii produced a total wedding in Japan. After all, for all of you thinking of an overseas wedding, Hawaii thinks that there are little uneasiness and dissatisfaction generally.
However, a problem is Hawaiian wedding circumstances. Giving the treatment that it is similar to the part of the trip from a difference of the marriage custom with Japanese soil at an important wedding ceremony.
Therefore I started the produce of the Hawaii wedding in 1992 to have overseas weddings in peace like Japan.

The wedding ceremony to think about of Na pua Hawaii is not only the day of the wedding ceremony. I want to keep company with marrying two people for a long time. It is two people of the couple, but child is born later in how many years, and keeping company with the family begins first. When such a family was gone to Hawaii, here thinks that what is conveyed by child is a thing wonderful at all when a daddy and a mom held a wedding ceremony.

Therefore I recommend a wedding in nature which does not change a genuine church and a Hawaiian figure.
Because the genuine church is filled with a lot of blessings, and the Hawaiian seaside and hills and fields are the places that are holy for Hawaii Ann doing not spare thanks naturally. It understands the wedding ceremony that there are the fashion and the flow of the times, but surely thinks that I want (now) to think about significance to marry carefully seriously at the present when various things are lost. I suggest a wedding ceremony given a genuine blessing.

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