Hawaii wedding
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Hawaii wedding  

I easily give an explanation about the flow to Hawaii wedding. I can cope depending on the status of the church to a wedding even in the case of a short term. Please refer willingly.

Selection of church
Choose a church in accord with two images
The Hawaii wedding starts from selection of church.There are two kinds of types with a genuine church and the commercial church recently. There is the wedding performed in a local people wedding holding a wedding ceremony in a church with the genuine history, the church where the sea is seen, a church among the green, the wedding ceremony at a pretty church and a beach side, the courtyard of the hotel when I distribute the church more. I will suggest it to two hope.
Choose a church

Selection of option
Choose an option
If a church is decided, the next is optional. The important wedding dress does not have an additional charge, and there are a pack and a bouquet, hair make, an album, a video, a limousine, a party to be able to choose at a certain price. There is the method to arrange a thing desired one by one each. In addition, please decide it while looking at contents slowly because there is the advantageous set plan.

The arrangement of the trip
Let's do the arrangement of the trip together
Because it is important Hawaii to hold a wedding ceremony, the trip contents will suggest it together I can include families, and to be able to stay comfortably.
A plan does trip contents to a budget of bridal couple and family and friends. In addition, the staying optional tour has a lot of tours of Na pua Hawaii. I can make a pleasant Hawaiian memory from anyone.

To Hawaii
A dragoman is finally met at Hawaii
OK, it is ... departure. In the airplane, I may take the sleep if possible.
Please go ahead through the Honolulu Airport arrival back to the group exit. The person in charge of the companies invites it and informs Waikiki. Please talk on the telephone in Na pua Hawaii as soon as a staying briefing session is over.
To Hawaii

A local meeting
I do a staying meeting including a wedding
I confirm the contents which made arrangements beforehand again if I match the person in charge of Na pua Hawaii. When it is a wedding ceremony, I can shorten the whole stay in time because I make arrangements together.
Because the confirmation of the contents which let you make arrangements beforehand reaches Hawaii, I am reliable.

The try-on of the dress & tuxedo
You try on a dress & tuxedo
I have the try-on of the wedding dress to be worried about tries on the dress which is good to Hawaii wedding from an abundant design and choose you.
The designs of the tuxedo increase recently, too. I try on the bridegroom and decide. If apparel alignment is over, I will send it to Rino Oba Hotel.
Dress & Tuxedo

Rehearsal make
Preparations are perfect by rehearsal make
The hair make that I do not marry is very important. It is one's face that look very first at time when the photograph of the wedding ceremony was done! Favorite hair make is a point to make it the photograph of the Hawaii wedding that is more wonderful than anyone. I recommend that I rehearse it on the wedding day before and make up. A reservation is necessary.
Rehersal make

The wedding day
It is finally a wedding ceremony. Finish hair make in a room, and Rino Oba leaves it in a limousine in a church. The staff of Na pua Hawaii is accompanied by all means.
I rehearse it after arrival in a church. If a rehearsal is over, a wedding ceremony begins.
After the wedding end, I sign a marriage written oath. It is souvenir picture photography afterwards backed by a church. Become the photograph of a nice smile! Congratulations.

A party
To a party after the wedding
If a wedding is over, I go to the wedding party meeting place in a limousine. The party at the restaurant of the seaside is recommended.
A wedding cake cuts it as a wedding dress figure, and toast, the cooking of the Hawaiian Pacific Rim have a favorable reception in champagne. The party end back is with the pickup to Rino Oba Hotel.

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