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A church of Hawaii Waioli chapel
A small church in the forest in the foot of the hill of the Tanta RAS. It is an atmosphere with the warmth by a wall made with Hawaiian lava, a wooden chair, soft illumination. I am good to a small wedding.
 By the circumstances of the church, I do not hear a wedding now.
Is a car than Waikiki; 15 minutes.
Seating capacity --- 50 people
A musical instrument --- A organ
Wedding --- Sunday morning, public holidays and festival days, every day except the church event day
Virgin road --- 10m
Color --- Red
2950 Manoa Road, Honolulu, HI 96822

The thing which is included in wedding charges
  • The church fee for use
  • Thanks to the reverend gentleman
  • A marriage certificate
  • A music performance
  • Thanks to the singer
  • The limousine pickup from a hotel of the bridal couple
  • A marriage written oath(There is not the legal effect)
  • A flower arrangement bouquet
  • Boutonia
  • State tax

A church of Hawaii
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! > A marriage certificate doing a ferry after a wedding is a thing commemorative to the last not a thing proving the official marriage to be based on Japan or an American law.
Besides please refer to optional "Regal wedding" about a marriage certificate based on a law.
! > The wedding charges are rates with 2. Look at this about the cancellation fees

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